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In 1999 Artist William Jamison and Edward Rigaud met while attending New York’s Fashion Institute of technology. An excellent and experienced illustrator, William’s goal was to continue perfecting his traditional art talents while Edward focused his efforts on digital arts and photography eventually finding his way to animation. Not long after, they joined UNISON™ an art and design group founded by students of FIT where they had the chance to work together on several projects such as on-line digital graphic novels, graphic design assignments, character design as well as the creation of several intellectual properties. After UNISON™, William was working on an original animated mini series pilot called “RED” (coming soon). Years later, Illustrator/Writer William Jamison and Graphic Designer/ Illustrator Edward Rigaud teamed up with Graphic Designer, Omar Ramirez a talented New York City freelance artist and Director/ writer Eddy Rigaud who has written and directed several film projects as well as creation of several of his own intellectual properties. The end result was the creation of REDTAIL GRAFX STUDIOS. Our creative freelance department focuses on clients needs in the local, commercial business fields as well as concept and identity solutions to the creative individuals and co-production collaborations with original intellectual properties. Working with New York City based clients such as Bedford Park Business Improvement District, Starving Artist Productions, Dave Love Entertainment, Madd Flava Photos and Videos, Washington Heights Inwood Coalition, Bronx Community News, The Wright News, Public School 189’s Student Xpress, Washington Heights Youth Services Providers and many more. Our creative department focuses on Co-production, identity design, animation projects such as BattleQuest™ Deicide, the Destiny™ Animation Project, Red™, Mecha-Tropolis™ and the After School Project™. With more than fifty years of combined in the field experience, REDTAIL GRAFX mission is to bring our clients high quality services, creative ideas and fresh new original works of art. REDTAIL GRAFX “Just Imagine".
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